With respect to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, RFSAT considers it as its responsibility to aid in reducing potential risks of additional transmission of the virus across the borders of the EU Member States. The RFSAT policy has been unanimously agreed to temporarily stop all international business trips until the state of the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) with respect to COVID-19, declared by WHO on the 30th of January, is cancelled or its severity lowered. RFSAT will make all effort possible to reduce risks of any potential negative impacts of this decision on ongoing and future international collaborations.


Research for Science, Art and Technology (RFSAT) Ltd is a private Research & Development (R&D) active SME company offering consultancy and development services. It encompasses two main focus areas depicted by two of its R&D groups:

"Future Technologies" Department - active in:

  • 3D Mixed-Reality Synthetic Environments and Immersive User Interfaces
  • Applied Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for Future 5G Mobile Communications
  • Micro-embedded devices for power autonomous communication, sensing and control
  • Management and surveillance technologies for protection of Critical Infrastructures (CI)
  • Health Care (e-Health) technologies including remote physiological and well-being monitoring
  • Cyber Security R&D for Telecommunications, Information Management and Protection

"Unmanned Systems" Division - active in:

  • Advanced sensing and surveillance systems for (semi)autonomous micro-UAV/UAS
  • Aerial surveillance, Search and Rescue, environmental sensing etc
  • 3D area / object modelling and analysis using autonomous systems
  • Autonomous and swarm operation of unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

"Arts and Technology" Department - active in:

  • Art & Culture: Support for Cultural Events, Conferences and Workshops
  • Film & Video: Video Editing and Post Productions services
  • Performance Arts: Applies New Media on Stage for live performing Arts
  • Arts & Technology: ICT & immersive reality technologies for the Arts

RFSAT participates actively in European research activities both as part of several EU-funded R&D Projects as well as via Memberships of many European Technology Platforms (ETPs), Industrial Associations, Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Strategic Alliances. For more information please refer to the list of our memberships.

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