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ZENODO is an Open Access compliant Portal established by EC for supporting projects and their participants in complying with OA policies in H2020 program, thus avoiding the need of setting up individual OA-compliant repositories. Project content will include public deliverables, conference/journal articles subject to OA, foreground produced in the project including all data generated in the project that is not subject to privacy restrictions according to respective EC Privacy Directives.

ZENODO portal:

Open Access publications in IEEE Journals

General principles:

  • Most journals offer a hybrid Open Access, i.e. both traditional subscription-based content and open access, author-pays content
  • NEW rapid-decision, open access mega journal spanning all IEEE fields of interest.
  • All articles are author-pays, and delivered online only.
  • NEW fully Open Access license, dedicated to specific subject area, contain author-pays articles and delivered online only.

For more information regarding the list of respective journals and conditions for publications under OA license you can refer to:

For more information contact:

Open Access publications in Springer

OA options available at Springer. These books are published under the SpringerOpen brand. SpringerOpen books are published under the following terms: the copyright remains with the authors (and editors for edited volumes). The book and its chapters are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) license.

For more information on SpringerOpen refer to:

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