RFSAT Statement on Brexit

We are disappointed and frustrated about the unrealistic strategy of the current conservative government with respect to breaking links with the European Union and the choices of the Prime Ministers, who have shown narcissistic behaviors, both in the past with Mrs Theresa May having started her work in office with posing as a model for Vogue, as well as by currently appointed one, Mr Boris Johnson, who has given a populist speech on the election day that had little relation with averting the grim economic realities for UK businesses after the Brexit. Both demonstrate clear lack of ability and vision to secure a stability of the British economy without its membership in the European Union.

Therefore RFSAT Ltd has made a difficult decision to cease the operations of the company within the borders of the United Kingdom as of the 31st of October 2019, that is on the day of the final Brexit deadline, should the UK government and its Prime Minister once again fail to deliver a safe exit from the EC, i.e. in case of failing to reach the agreement with the European Commission.

Our company has already taken precautionary measures and established "Research for Science, Art and Technology (RFSAT) Limited" in the Republic of Ireland, to become the center of its operations on and after the Brexit. This company will take over the European funded research activities from its UK based company, thus continuing its participation to European research with an aim to benefit all European citizens as well as global population with openly accessible research results produced in close collaboration both with its European partners and well as those worldwide.

The UK-based offices of RFSAT Ltd will stop operating after the final Brexit deadline, expecting to finalize the move to Ireland by dissolving its UK branch within the following later.

Director of RFSAT Ltd


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