Conferences and other Events

The Media Group of RFSAT Ltd is frequently involved in the organisation and technical support for conferences and workshops as well as other types of events, including art projects, theatrical performances, installations and other types of Cultural events.

They are an outcomes of a close relationship with a number of academic institutions active in the fields of Arts and Theater, such as the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Peloponnese in Nafplio (Greece), University of the Arts London (CSM) in the UK, Open University of Cyprus, and other ones.

Relevant events supported by RFSAT Ltd include presentations of student works in public galleries, conferences organised by academic institutions, as well as Workshops organised by funded research projects where the company participates.

Being a publishing company registered e.g. in Amazon, RFSAT has been leading and supporting dissemination and exploitation activities in a number of European projects. Its work in e.g. FP7-StrokeBack has resulted in a book with Springer to be published in 2015, with similar publications from other projects already published, including:


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